Honda CBR 929RR


This is my fifth bike

a Honda CBR 929RR Fireblade vintage 2000.

I bought it at a trade with my Blackbird...


MIG exhaust system was purchased directly by the purchase of this bike....


Together with a friend and his R1 , we retired to Pisa, Italy , to see the crooked tower and eat a pizza..

A huge fun ride with high speed on the German motorway ..

The digital meter , was rarely below 250 km / h , most more

In the movie below , you can see how much fun it was, with RR bike of the time.


I am with from 1:15 minutes inside the film , along with my yellow Fireblade.


Recorded in 2000 , so the quality is not quite good.

Learning to drive the rear wheel.

Back in the year 2000.

Very fun, but dangerous.

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