Turn lights

Front & rear winkers

Here I try to explain how I have installed my LED winkers

First , I ordered this LED kit from eBay to the front.

====================== >>>

These were pretty simple to assemble.


But first , I got the pick of the inner shield on both sides and remove them existing bulbs.

To counter- act the moisture in the adapter , I drove on the glue

Next, it was just plug it in and take + from the brown cable at position lamp

It looks like it works :-)

Now it was time for LED winkers back.

I had bought 10 pieces from eBay .

Just because they were so cheap



A little more work with them.

I thought it was just to put in and run.

But no.

So I had to run out and buy some resistance , to put on

I soldered them straight on the existing cable and then I isolated the solder with glue


I glued them on the box , so they would not lie and rattle


It was a little beter speed of the flashing

So here is the difference

Actual a fun project with excellent results

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