Kawasaki z650

My first bike was a Kawasaki Z650 with MARSHALL exhaust.

It was the color blue and had spoked wheels .


I have no pictures of my , but has been able to borrow on the Internet .


It was heavy , but was very good on the road.

I bought it when I was apprenticed as Ship's Mechanic and lived at home with my dad in Frederikshavn.


Loans at the bank about 20.000kr and no driver's license , but what the hell , I was young , 18 years , and wanted to chase the little pretty girls on my new stallion.


Dad found out , that I took the motorcycle without a license, and took away my spark plugs .


So it was a short season with the motorcycle for me in 1984.

So the girls I got to chase from my pedal bike ...


How it went .... !!!


Yes, I was first married in 2011.

Mighty sluggish pedal cycle ..

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