Fanny & Bikers against bullying

Saturday, September 10

We were 208 motorcycle, which ran for a girl named Fanny.













She has been bullied since their first year at school and is now 19 years old.












She has a condition that makes her bones break very easily and therefore she has been sitting in a wheelchair and walked with crutches for nearly his entire young life.













It has been a teacher, classmates and other loose people who have bullied her for her illness ..

Unfortunately, these bullies, often have a flaw, as they cover over, when they should assert themselves over a person with a visible "handicap".


I feel sorry for these poor wretches, but not for Fanny ..


Fanny is a fighter and a hero in my eyes, who fought against the bullies and her disease at the same time.


Along with bikers against bullying, a facebook group that recognizes these "victims", we drove in procession gathered a round in Angelholm, as Fanny comes from.

We were told that 208 motorcycle who drove, for libel for Fanny and a demonstration that we do not tolerate bullying.

This is the movie from the day

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