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27 April 2016


20 days has past, since my last update..

I have made some ride on my BlackOrange and also been at the doctors house.

The doctor will operate my right arm (shoulder and elbow), now after 7-8 month after my fall from the ladder, at work..

I`m so pissed on the system, because they should have done something for a longtime.. Already in December I called and complain on my shoulder and elbow, then I got time at the doctor in January???

In January the doctor give me cortison injection, right in to the shoulder and it last for almost 3 weeks..

The elbow is not ok either, and I`m missing almost 30% to straighten it out..!!

1 Mars i called again, after my physiotherapist suspect a frozen shoulder..

So i got a new consultation with the doctor 14 april...!!!!

Well then he said : I` m gonna set you up for an operation and then we will see whats the problem is..

So now I have a day for operation at 9 May, and hopefully it will help me come back to a "normal" life.


My back surgery, I feel it`s ok, soo on 23 of May, the doctor in Malmo, will tell me more.

Hopefully it will be positiv information...


Some pics from the past 20 days, on my bike.


7 April 2016


Yes and many days have passed and I have walked over 300km since my back surgery ..

Just in March , I went over 200km .

On March 31 , I went 21km to catch up over 200km . It was tough but good.


Unfortunately, I had troubles with my tailbone when I sit on my motorcycle or sitting too long in a chair. I must hear the orthopedist , the next time , it will disappear by itself or require surgery. Because I can not be active on my motorcycle with the pain.


Before, I could run 4-5 hours at a time without feeling pain.

I tested the Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L and it had a firecracker saddle, which meant that I was very good at .

But it feels a little stringy that would replace the bike , just to tailbone messing with me.


But we'll see.


Meanwhile, I have reached the age 50 and it does not feel at all.


My wife surprised me on Saturday March 19 with a big party and many friends .. It was a long day and night.

On Sunday , my wife had another surprise, we were off to a Spa Hotel in Bastad , where we would just relax and cuddle with ourselves.

On Monday , as it was my birthday , my wife had arranged, so that my Danish family came to visit.

So it was a long, but great weekend .

Then it was also Easter, so then we could take it easy with the kids and fix some of the cottage colony , and run a little on the motorcycle .



Some pictures from the time that has passed.


16 March 2016


Yes it's a few days since I was in and wrote. But this is what it looks like at present.

I have to go varaje continues today, at least 6 km a day and sometimes it has become 13 km in a day.

The weather has become milder and spring is coming .. So it does not feel so wrong to go out for a walk.


I have longed for the day I could take out my Varadero and go for a drive on the road.

That day came on Monday, March 14, where I was on the appointments of the orthopedist and the X-ray of my back.


First I'd X-rayed, where they asked if they could help me with corset .. Hmmm .. I declined and thought:

what is it for other patients who need help after back surgery, after seven weeks?


But ok it went well and then it was time for the orthopedist, who would look at radiographs and talk to me about how I feel and stuff a doctor wants to know ..

I said that everything feels good, a little sore where they have been inside, but otherwise ok .. I do not take any painkillers for his back anymore and I go a lot of days .. Yes, then I came home on February 2, I passed about 240 km ... then you would have seen his face .. Hahahaha .. He was silenced with big eyes ..Maybe it's not so common for a patient goes back as much as 6-7 weeks .. !!


But it was nice to get some answers to my questions ..


1) Can I sit in a car? Yes you can, but not for long.

2) Can I drive a motorcycle ?? Yes, but not in Stockholm, only small tours.

3) Where can I train my back with a physiotherapist? After next visit with me in the month of May.

4) When can I go back to work? When I met you in May, I can give you an answer to that question.

5) Can I get a copy of the X-ray? Yep I'll fix that.


So now I work out my back on the back of my motorcycle :-)

I went home by train from Malmö and then went down to the garage, to pull out the MC and drove a small round of 50 km ..

So it was yesterday, too, and yes, today was the actual 100 km :-)

Some pictures from days gone by :-)..


29 February 2016


Now it's been a few days and the back feels great now.

Today , there are 14 days left until I shall orthopedist in Malmö , a chek and see if everything is fine in my back .

I'm out walking "almost" every day, think I have " cheated " 3 days in the month of February , there must surely be said to be good, right?

Spring feels closer now when I'm out so much and the blackbird heard singing everywhere, and the flowers start to come out of the earth .

So I hope that the orthopedist comes with good info on motorcycle season in 2016.

A little bad again shall oxå leave from here ...

My physiotherapist says that my right shoulder , beginning to have a tendency to , what is called " freezer axis" , and must get a cortisone shot back .

So I 've just been in contact with the doctor's secretary and she said that the doctor wanted telephone contact with me first , and then he rings me on Wednesday, March 2 to hear how things are.


18 February 2016


So it has been 5 days since I was inside and refresh the page.

Some have happened, but in the whole of my back, then it's been great.

I have stopped completely with the harsh medicine and takes just plain pain pills.

I walk a lot, about 5-10 kilometers pr day, while I take some photos on my rounds.

Unfortunately, it seems like spring awaited and the first round of the MC is far away.

But the longer spring has, the better and more stable becometh my back.


Below you can see some of my pictures from my rounds, I passed...


13 February 2016


It has been a while since I've updated the page.

But ok, so this is the situation right now,

I was operated on January 27 at 7:40 and woke up at 15:55 and was quite good in mood, but my left arm and 4 finger, was still asleep ..

I asked why this phenomenon, they replied that they might have put me in a strange way, during the operation and that a nerve had been pinched .. But it would wear off after a while ..


My wife, who had driven me down to Malmo 06:00, was waiting for me up there in the room, where I would be after surgery. She was very worried, because they said that the operation would take about 5-6 hours, but I still take had come up at 16:00 ..

But at 17:00, I came up to a happy wife and she became more calm, when she heard that everything had plenty good ..


I would then be in radiology at 18:30, because they wanted to see how the titanium screws and bone chips sat in the back.

My wife then drove home when I was X-rayed, mormmor was the home of the children and everyone wanted to know what had happened with the operation.


I lay in the hospital for 6 days and came home with lying transport.


The days until today, has been good ...

I've been out and walked between 5-10 kilometers every day and it feels good .


The medicine I have started to decline and I do not have back pain so much.


My surgical scars look great, after they've removed the staples.

26 pc sat there in the back.


So everything looks good and longs for real every day I can get out and walk.


On March 14, I will revisit the orthopedist and shall also have made an X-ray on my back ..

So then I hope a good decision on my back, and when he thinks I can drive a motorcycle again.


I would surely love to drive to Sigtuna March 25, to eat a waffle.


Below you can see some pictures from time gone by..


10 December 2015


Yesterday phoned them from the orthopedist in Malmö and told that they have canceled the operation.

So the next time would be on January 27 in 2016.

Before she came up with a new time, I sat and thought: There went the motorcycle season in 2016.

But I become , hopefully , ready to VCIM # 18 in Germany , mid-May.


But now it's Christmas month and then shall they be happy :-)


So after that conversation , I took out my Black Orange and drove me a little round .

It was still warm, about 10 degrees in the air and blue sky ..

Not everyone in this long country, which can drive a motorcycle so here 's time of year.


26 November 2015


Before my back surgery


Today I went to Malmö, to see the doctor, nurse and anesthetist to be sure that my back surgery becometh good and I was able to get answers to many of my questions ..




I met the doctor first and she asked the usual question:

Do you smoke .. ??

Of course I don`t (Hm-Hm) ..

I have only one left in the package, I replied ..

Then you may as well throw it right now ..

So I did (NOT ..) ..

I smoked it at 14 PM, and now in the evening at 18:45 I've thrown in a Zonic mint 4mg nicotine, to get over the abstinence :-)

I've stopped smoking before, but was foolish enough to begin again :-(


Thursday d December 10, I will enter the operation (what time I will enter, I know only the day before), it would take about 5 hours 😮 ... ..

Then I shall remain in Malmo 3-5 days before I can get home ... Apparently the first go home after you have proven that you can go into a staircase ... HA .. !!! Piece of cake .... (I thought), but the nurse said:




So I have to arming myself with patience and do whatever they ask of me :-)

I`m gonna take out my health care contributions, from my employer, and begin to swim every day, when the doctor gives the green light for this :-)

(then maybe I`ll get a "more" well-conditioned body :-) ), but to those who are wondering:


Yes I should be ready to Skye`s Fjelltur July 2, 2016 and hopefully I feel much better until we shall have XL M # 5, 29 July 2016 :-)


More info will about the operation, about what had happened and how I feel and not least ....



Underneath is a link to the explanation of the operation and other details, I've looked at, in order to get some answers to my wondering ..( ON SWEDISH )..





12 November 2015


Today I mounted the new LED turns on the bike .


Those who sit at the front , illuminates white shine when no one blinks .


More detailed explanation on the page "EXTRA LIGHT " , a little later


11 November 2015


I took out my package , from www.xlmoto.se , where I had ordered a Richa Infinity jacket.

I bought, 2 months ago , a pair of trousers of the same brand , but then they had no jacket at home in my size .

So today I'm mighty happy.


I even got a little letter with my new stickers .

Of course they'd glued on directly

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