Norway 2013


In 1998 I heard about a neat way in Norway, which would be called " Trollstigen " .

I had just taken my motorcycle license and wanted of course to drive to norway.

But unfortunately things are not as I wanted at the time.

Good is that , it took 15 years before I came away .

Otherwise I'd never met Kjetil and his wife Rita, two absolutely wonderful people.


Consider this :


I come to Norway with a Honda XL1000 Varadero , along with Skye, the admin at the Swedish forum, and Hogge.

All three on either Varadero.

It was raining the whole day 2 , after we woke up in the tent.

Before we drive from the campsite , Skye calling to Kjetil , who want to come and met os , on the road to Geiranger .

When he met os and rain strainers down, Kjetil says:


Not you shall sleep in a tent when it rains ..

I have room enough for all 3 and you can stay as long as you want.

Then he picked up the phone and called Rita and asked her to make supper for us , and fix the sleeping area to us.


Seeing this, my friends .. !!

It is biker spirit..


So this site is a tribute to Kjetil and Rita ..

Thank you once again for your hospitality


I had determined with Hogge that we would take a trip to Norway a few days , to see Geiranger and Trollstigen ..

I had some other destinations of the passage , which I also wanted to see.

Now well . We talked to Skye and he invited us to sleep before we drove into Norway.

In the evening, Skye decided that he also wanted to come ..

So said, so done.

It was gray and a little sun on the second day.

We went through the Laerdal and over the mountain , which was a fantastic way to drive.

Kaupanger Stave Church was also on my list..

Very nice old church.

Then it started to rain and it all the way until we arrived in Ørsta.

It was nice to come in from the cold and get some dry socks on.

After a warm night under the roof, it was time to drive to Trollstigen .

Rainy , but still nice weather.

Norway is beautiful in any weather.

So we left Kjetil and Rita to run to Trollstigen , Geiranger and Hellesylt , we would go by boat.

Now the day has come where we move on to Sweden to participate in the Swedish XL meeting.

The weather is better today , and it'll be once again to the Geiranger and Dalsnipa and Trollstigen .


Kjetil decided to come with us to Sweden.

So now we were four pieces Varadero on the way.

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