For over 103 years , Norway has not had such good weather in Pentecost , we had at this event.


Norway is amazing , with its fjords , its lakes, its small land areas and its mountains.


Over 60 bikes from different countries in Europe, had come to this event.


A great hotel , right down to the Geiranger fjord , with its large cruise ships that bring originated from thousands of tourists every year.


Enjoy the pictures from a fine Norway.

Pictures of the tour to the event..

Many stop with mechanical failures and heavy rain on the way up.


Freddy gave us a bed in her big house.

Thanks to Tanja & Freddy for a warm bed, good food & fun signage on the door.


A fantastic trip up to Geiranger and two lovely guys , Freddy & Skye.


A trip I will never forget..

Thank you guys.

Monday morning and it was time to go home to Skåne again .


Freddy took os on a wonderful tour of several mountains and down into the valleys.


My wife took the decision to go with the bike home , instead of flying home.


But the ride home would be long, at about 1000 km and almost 11 hours.

So we had pain in the butt when we got home-


Thanks again, Freddy.

A trip to remember for life.

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