XL-M#2# 2013 Funäsdalen-Ramundberget

XL-M#2# 2103


After a few days in Norway , it was time to steer over to the 2nd XL meeting in history.

After driving many kilometers and slept in tents, with temperatures below zero , it was nice to come back and get a warm cottage

Friday's images

On Saturday it was organized a round in Norway, we had just come from.

So we stayed and went for a walk in the woods instead ..

My two traveling companions , had become a little tired from all the driving and the trip in the forest.

Kjetil had already gone home to Norway in the morning.

Saturday`s images

A sad day to leave all those lovely people.

But everything has the end and I have with me Hogge all the way down to Skåne.

We started early to drive them 900 km home .

Skye followed down to Gothenburg, so we was 3 bikes most of the way.

Sunday`s images

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