Lofoten 2017



On the 20 July 2017, we started our journey to the Island of Norway, called LOFOTEN


My brother in law and I, went from Landskrona, early in the morning and drove up to Borgund camping in Norway, where we meet up with the 5 other guys, from the group "Trolls And Giants", we are today 7 members of this group so maybe more will come..


We hade all prepared for a cold journey, but that will soon be a big miss..


On this site, you can see some pictures and a part from each day on youtube, that i made, for remember of a epic journey.


Sit back and enjoy.

20 July 2017

Day 1

Henrik and I toke the way over Gaustafjellet and Rjukan, before we landed in Borgund..

The other guys went from Gävle, Sweden, at the same time.

22 July 2017

Day 3

We start early in the morning and the destination is Guldbergaunet Camping in Steinkjer for the night.

Today we`ll see Ørnesvingen, Trollstigen and Atlanthavsveien (Atlantic road)..

21 July 2017

Day 2

We all are on place and now the journey starts.

First we go thrue the longest car tunnel, 24,4 km, and then up over the mountain, by the old road.

Also the famous road "Tinderveien" on this day..

Its a very beautiful journey, over 2 mountains and about 50 km.

Later it was Dalsnippa, just before Geiranger, where we could see from 1200 meter over sea level.

Later in the evening, we toke a swim in the Geiranger fjord...

23 July 2017

Day 4

We start early in the morning, because the cabins was very small and it was very hot in the air.

This day we`ll go to Salstraumen for the night.

It`s only a "Transport-day", so we only stopped for food and toilet.

Polar circle center we also visit.

Not so many pictures, but more on the youtube clip.

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