Various day trips.

A page for various day trips

Drove 1300 km in a day, to eat a waffle and meet a bunch of wonderful people

Just a nice day in July 2015.

Meeting upp my sister and her husband and ther daughter.

A nice day to visit the southern point in Sweden.

You can`t go further than this in Sweden.

A nice place and also very popular

We start at MotorSport in Landskrona in southern Sweden and drive upp to Höör.

About 90 motorcycles in the start.


I got my self a new camera, Sony HDR AZ1 mini, and it feels very good..

In this movie I just test different positions and test the AXVC S format in the camera..

One day I drove the Honda Center in Helsingborg , to test a VFR 1200 XD.

One day in mars, I drove the new Honda Africa Twin 2016

It was a very nice bike and a great jobb by Honda.

10+ point to Honda company

Just a ride in the nice weather in springtime 2016

Pär-Håkan-Flemming jump off the tour in Höör.

Håkan took us on some very nice roads.

In saturday we run the route thats gonna go on XL-meeting 2016.

As you can see, it`s a perfect sunny day

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